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Houdini Estate

Harry Houdini Estate

Ava Gardner and Artie Shaw house

Ava Gardner and Artie Shaw Home

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Charlie Chaplin bunalow

Charlie Chaplin Bungalow

Bing Crosby Rancho Mirage home

Bing Crosby Rancho Mirage Home

Michey Rooney home

Mickey Rooney Home  

Lillian and Dorothy Gish Mansion

Lillian and Dorothy Gish Mansion

Harpo Marx Estate

Harpo Marx Home


Former Homes of Movie Stars

Hollywood, Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Laurel Canyon, Malibu

Do you ever wonder where movie stars go when they head home from the set every night? There are several estates of old movies stars that are now inns and vacation rentals in Southern California. They really give you the chance to see how the other half lives, or lived in this case. Here are some favorite choices:

Harry Houdini Estate This 5-acre estate in Laurel Canyon is only minutes from Beverly Hills. The property's two houses have a combined 7 bedrooms and can sleep up to 20. The beautiful estate still has caves, hidden tunnels, terraced gardens, and a deep-water tank where Harry Houdini reportedly practiced his underwater escapes.

Ava Gardner and Artie Shaw's House This beautiful home is located in an exclusive and very safe area of Burbank known as the Rancho Equestrian. Hollywood star Ava Gardner and her husband (#2), big band jazz musician Artie Shaw, lived here in the early 1940s.

Charlie Chaplin Bungalows The landmark upon which The Charlie Hotel resides today was first built and established in 1924 by the Ruth Gordon family. Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, and Gloria Swanson are only a few of such legends to whom The Charlie grounds are said to have been a home. It has since undergone a multi-million dollar renovation and is known now as the hidden gem of the legendary West Hollywood.

Bing Crosby Rancho Mirage Home and Palm Springs Villa This landmark Palm Springs villa was once owned by singer Bing Crosby and is located in the Old Movie Colony area of Rancho Mirage. The villa is a unique and charming rental for vacations, reunions, or a romantic getaway. The second luxurious estate, also once owned by Bing Crosby, is located in a private community across from the Thunderbird Country Club that the actor-singer helped establish.

Mickey Rooney This unique 2-bedroom Topanga gem is set in the natural beauty of sprawling canyons, a short drive to the beach in Malibu. It has loads of vintage charm with tasteful modern upgrades, and was once the lovely home of Mickey Rooney.

Harpo Marx This sprawling 8-bedroom, 10-bathroom celebrity vacation home was formerly the Harpo Marx Estate. Nestled across 2.1 landscaped acres in Rancho Mirage, it stands today as an official historical landmark and is lovingly dubbed "El Rancho Harpo."

Lillian and Dorothy Gish This Beverly Hills Mansion began its historic life as the home of Hollywood actresses Lillian and Dorothy Gish. In fact, it was the Gish sisters who converted the mansion into a home for young actresses coming out to find their way in Hollywood. As they had hailed from Ohio themselves, they understood the comforts that would be missed from home while exploring ones' dreams. It's a tradition that is carried on today for guests.

















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